Since 2007, Alianza Informativa Latinoamericana – AIL has its own news agency.  This has enabled members to share 15,000 news on average every year, and about 100 live broadcasts of the continent's most significant events. The contents of the Informative Service is distributed via satellite and through the AIL's Newspath platform to all the networks connected.  

 As part of the shared services strategy, the 22 AIL stations receive on-demand requests relating to production.  This means that any member can apply for support from another station either to cover specific news or carry out the production of a special event. 

AIL's Informative Service consists of video material and texts from the 22 member channels of the organization.  Shared contents raise issues of interest in both the continent and the Caribbean. Matters covered by the Informative Service include news ranging from political circumstances to sports and entertainment, among many other topics. 

The stations composing the organization have agreed to share their live signals in the coverage of high-impact news.  This events are broadcast to all AIL members simultaneously with their occurrence, this enabling the other channels to have instruments and resources serving to keep their audiences informed of what is happening in other latitudes, in this way even ahead of the major news agencies worldwide 

In the endless search for resource optimization, Alianza Informativa Latinoamericana has gained a very broad range of experience in the shaping of joint operations for the coverage of news from the social, political and sports spheres. The AIL's coordination center manages technical and human resources, seeking efficiency in both response time and costs in the covering of news.   

Among several examples of these operations, it is worth mentioning the coverage of Pope Francis visit to Rio de Janeiro, the miners trapped in the San Jose mine in Chile, the death of President Hugo Chavez and elections in Venezuela, the election of a new Pope, and the death of John Paul II.